OMG Living with Parents

When in life you are having complex situations and you just want a comfortable place to live most people live with their parents. Right? This is what I have been doing to get my business of the ground. I have tried to satisfy my parents by supporting them financially. I pay “rent” every two weeks when I get paid from my job. I help with oil, groceries, taken them out to dinner, and a lot more. I not only look at me as their son but as their tenet or roommate.
When it comes to having roommates there are negotiations that go on all the time. Who does the dishes? What is for dinner? Who makes dinner? What we watch on TV? This all causes conflict at my home. This is why I call it complex situations. My step-father has serious issues with my mother asking me what I want for dinner. Although when she ask him before me he will say “I don’t care, anything will be good.” I ask for 1 of the 100 steaks we have in the freezer and he flips his lid. When it comes to TV there are two things I hate drama and Westerns. When you put that together in one show I rather shoot myself in the head.
Being a roommate to my parents there needs to be consideration for each other. I know my step-father likes his Westerns, so I would negotiate by giving him an hour of Westerns a day. In return I expect him not to play Westerns right before I leave for work. The reason is because I am only home two hours before I leave for a 12 hour night shift and he can watch it after dinner when I am getting ready to leave. Also we should have a vote on what we are going to watch. The vote wins. If it means Westerns then I will put my earphones on and listen to music, if it means NCIS then he should read the paper or take a nap. Same thing with my mother if it means football she can do what she wants like take a nap. This is a negotiation that needs developed. It needs kept or conflict will continue. If he tries to kick me out there will be lawsuits involved.

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