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Robin Williams dead at 63: Star’s life, legacy visible on Instagram – Entertainment –

As you probably know Robin Williams has passed away at the age of 63. I do not want to focus on why on this blog I want to focus on remember Robin Williams. I have seen many post on Facebook today about him. All of my friends are sadden and some are also upset. Every post I have seen so far I have had tears. He will be a great lost and missed, but also remembered.

Robin Williams started out when Mork and Mindy hit the air. I was not around then, but I have seen reruns. He was great as a actor, a happy person, and sociable. The first I saw him I believe it was Mrs. Doubtfire. I couldn’t believe how a man could dress up as a woman a look like a real woman. He had a talent to do voices. I always enjoy the part when he is trying to establish Mrs. Doubtfire’s voice. It is amusing.

I will definitely miss him, but I will also remember all good things about him. I hope you will do the same. Robin Williams you are missed. May you rest in peace and God protect you in Heaven.

In Memory to Robin Williams

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