Burger King invents black cheese for burgers- MSN Money

The Paleo Recipe BookBurger King has come out with a new burger, the Black Burger. It might sound a little weird and interesting, but if you are not in Japan you will probably not even see it.

The “Black” Burger, known as the Kuro Burger in Japan, is made with bamboo charcoal, onion and garlic sauce, and is prepared with squid ink. I find this interesting but a little questioning myself about ever trying it if it makes the United States. What do you think? Would you try this burger? If you ever have had it last year, did you like it?

If you ever do hear it will make the United States let me know. I will do the same for you. Until then have a Whopper or maybe a Big Mac.

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Burger King invents black cheese for burgers- MSN Money

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