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Merry Christmas

Well today is Christmas. The day for giving, the day for love, day for renewal, and is Jesus’ birthday. What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is a holiday for giving. I believe Christmas is giving because God gave us His Son, Jesus Christ our Savior. In Luke 2: 1-20 , KJV, the Bible talks about the birth of Christ. Augustus Caesar knew from prophets that Jesus would be born at this time. He increased a tax so people would have to go into a city to pay taxes. What Caesar did not know that God knew more than him. God is all-knowing. Mary and Joseph, Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, went to Galilee to pay their taxes. There was no room in the inn so they ended up in the manger. Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ that night. Now it is still debated if it really was Christmas Day or in the Spring, but does it really matter our Savior was born.

Now that Jesus was born and being watched by God and Angels, Joseph went to pay the taxes and Jesus was left with His mother. This keep Jesus safe. This also shows God’s plans and why we should always have patience.

The Christmas Story in Luke on the birth of Christ is always great to read every Christmas. He came to be our Savior. He died and rose again the third day to give us Salvation. He is there still for you and me and everyone. If you are not saved or have strayed from Christ you must read the Bible. Here is a link to the King James version of the Bible –> Click Here 

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year

Ryan A Carson, Owner

Carson Solutions, LLC

Christian 22 years and God has been with me and saved my life a few times. 

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