Which One?

I have had an outdoor cat for about four years now. I get her dried cat food and spend time petting her. Tonight became a little conflict. There is another stray cat around. She comes to my yard and I usually scare her away, she just needs to see me. I went out to feed my cat after dinner and behold the other cat was under the car on my patio.

Now I do not want to be rude but one stray cat is enough. I also have neighbors that can help this cat out. I live in a rural area so there is plenty of mice, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and more for the cat to catch. I think it came to me because my neighbor adopted a Labrador about two weeks ago. Their dog is always outside and this may be a threat to this cat.

I tried to feed both cats together. The first thing that happened was growling and my regular cat, Midnight, started walking away. I went and picked her up and placed her on the patio, gave her the food, and she started eating. The stray cat, does not have a name yet, started growling at her and she growled back. They eventually stopped growling and Midnight finished eating. She went back under the porch. I tried to coax the stray cat out to finish what was left. She did not.

I do not want constant conflict between these cats, but I would like to help them both. I think they have both been stray since they were kittens. If you have any advice I would be grateful. How do you get the cats to make peace? Will they ever get along?    

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