Cold Outside

Oh my gosh it has been single digits the last few days and feels like in the negative. We have had so much snow many people are ready for Spring.

There is another storm coming my way but have to get things done. We are all like that. There are many things that needs to be done even though it is cold and snowing outside. I just want to add always be careful in conditions like that have been going on recently. Here are some tips. First drive for the condition of the road. It may look ok, but do not forget about black ice. It won’t matter if you have 4WD or not. Second be courteous of the drivers around you. They are taken caution as well and may need to take a little more. Third and final is leave early for your destination. It does not matter if it is work or the grocery store, LEAVE EARLY! The reason relates to the prior. If there is a more cautious driver in front then you will need even more time then you already figured.

Finally always drive smart no matter what and be courteous of others.

Ryan A Carson
Carson Solutions, LLC

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