It seems to have been a long time sense last year in NASCAR. I just want to say Woo Ho it is finally back. It starts February 14th  with the Sprint Unlimited practice starts at 10:30 AM. The race is at 8:30 PM it is 75 laps. Do not miss it. The NASCAR Daytona 500 is February 22nd on FOX and starts at 1:00 PM.

I cannot wait. I do not know about you, but I love NASCAR. It is thrilling, exciting, and unsuspecting. When I think I know who is going to win everything changes. My driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, will never let one know of his plan.

He stays on his toe and keeps thinking. Sometimes this is what causes him to lose a race, but that is the cost of making quick decisions. It does not matter if it is in life or NASCAR some choices can cost us the race.

Daytona is so great, not only because it is NASCAR, but because of the events, music, excitement, and settlement  of thrill. I just cannot wait till I here it again, “Boogie, boogie, boogie Let’s go racing!”


Dale Earnhardt Jr 2014

Spirit of Daytona


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