Leonard Nimoy Died at Age 83


Today is a sad day for a lot of people, Leonard Nimoy died at the age 83. He is best known for playing Spock in “Star Trek”. He was Starfleets contact to the Vulcans whom were their first communication in space.

He was born on March 26th 1931 in Boston, MA.  His parents Dora Spinner and Max Nimoy were Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. This makes him the first natural born American citizen in his family. He had a hard and uncredit career. He even served two years in the United States Army he still did not get the credit he deserved. Until Star Trek took off in 1966 and he played Spock half-human/ half-vulcan he was a science officer and the contact of humans and vulcans. As Star Trek took off so did his career. His preformance earned him three Emmy nominations.  It also launched his career as a director and writer.

He had been married twice in his life. First he was married to Sandi Nimoy, with children of two. They were married Febuary 21st 1954 to 1987. The second marriage is Susan Bay January 1st 1989 to death. He will be missed by family.


He is well known for Spock’s quote “Live Long and Prosper”. I have always found this inspirational. Let us remember Leonard Nimoy for his encouragement, honesty, logic, and rationalization. We all should be like him. He will be missed. 

The Man Who Was Spock

Leonard Nimoy Biography   

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