Jimmie Johnson Wins the Folds of Honor Quicktrip 500



It was a great race today. Although it was delayed almost an hour, due to rain, NASCAR started off good. I enjoyed the pre-race because  have friends and family that has been in service to our country. I was happy they recognized all who serve and have served our country.

There were many cautions during the race, more than 10 actually. Most of the cautions were because of debris or a tire blew. I think changing the draft was not a great idea. It has made the car lighter. So now when the go around the track they do not have as much weight keeping them on the track. This causes them to wobble and lose control. Most cautions were like this.

Joey Logano started the race at the pole. He led the race for 84 laps. He was doing really great leading by more than 2 seconds. 

Seemed like today was a day of cautions. Although not many involved more than one, this caution was different.


They were running on lap 257 3 wide. Hamlin’s got lose started spinning.  Jamie McMurray, Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon were also involved in this incident. No one was injured. 

The race came down to 20 laps and another caution comes out. The red flag flies. It was only under red flag for about 10 minutes. The race get started again and a little team competition comes up.

Jimmie Johnson was in the lead and Dale Earnhardt Jr in third. Dale Jr kicked it up right neck and neck with Johnson. Johnson pulled away and took the checkered flag. Dale Earnhardt Jr came in third. I think that is pretty good for Hendricks Motorsports. Great race cannot wait till next week.

Rain Delay For NASCAR


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