Spring Is In The Air

Yes Spring starts this Friday, 6:45 PM ET. I am so ready for Spring, anxious actually. Winter has been so cold and long. It is time to get warm outside. So many things to do. What are you planning for Spring?

I hope most of you are going to have a nice First Day of Spring. I don’t think I am going to enjoy mine though. living in the North Eastern States it stays a little chillier for a little longer. It is suppose to snow the First Day of Spring here in Pennsylvania. I cannot believe it snow on the First Day of Spring. Oh well it will be nice on Saturday. It will warm up and the snow will go away. I just think it is a little ironic for it to snow on the First Day of Spring.

I am so anxious for the weather to get nicer by the day, day get longer, days get warmer, go swimming, walk my dog with no mud, grilling out, and so much more. Oh Spring and then Summer it is starting to be a fun year already.

What are you planning for Spring? 

What is happening your First Day of Spring?

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