I believe we all have the attitude of being right and certain times. That is good it shows confidence. Although if you have to be right all the time, even if you are wrong then you are arrogant. A person with an arrogant attitude is not easy to get along with and tears down others positive emotions. This is not good. I will tell you why because my goals in life have diminished due to the arrogance around me.

Goals Set For The Future Diminish Due To Arrogance

I had plans set for the future ever since I was in high school, over 15 years ago, may plans have changed due to my college education and experience but have gone no where. All I ask for from friends and family is encouragement. I do not ask for money, ideas, or anything for free. My family has discouraged me over the years, even even I was a child, saying, “I will amount to nothing.”, “Starting a business is not possible.”, “You are not able to do that.” and the one I hate “You are wrong.”. Now referring to the latter when I am wrong I swallow it with pride, but when I know I am right I have to be the one who is right. I may be a little arrogant myself, but I do not always have to be right and you do not always have to do things my way.

May Sound Like A Jerk, But When I Am Right I Am Right

So do you think I am a jerk yet? Well some people do, especially in my family. I cannot blame myself for being correct when I am. I accept some people in my family and I know are not as educated as I am, I accept that that some are a lot older than me and are forgetting things or are stuck back in the 20th century, and I accept when I am wrong. I hate when I am wrong, I appreciate it when someone corrects me, with facts. Why doesn’t others in my life. The main reason I am writing this today is because we got a bad storm yesterday. It was pouring down rain and windy. The wind was so fast it was almost tropical storm winds. I worked overtime yesterday and when I came home and took the dog outside I saw a tree that feel in the backyard. Today my dad went and looked at it and says it is a limb. Well when the roots came out of the soaked ground and that is why the tree feel, then it is a tree. It is about 15 feet to 20 feet tall. It didn’t break anything. I want to show you what I am talking about and want your opinion.

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Do Always Have To Be Right, Especially When You Are WRONG!

I believe we all have the attitude of being right and certain times. That is good it shows confidence.

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