Summer Will Be Over Before You Know It

I cannot believe that July is about over. It will begin to cool down soon and the leaves will begin to change. We won’t even realize it until we sit on our porch one day and see that Fall is here. Time goes by so fast.

Summer is good, but Fall is beautiful

I really like summer. It finally gets warm outside, there is more to do, and parties later at night. Although Fall is much better. I use to love Summer when I was a child, I think most people know why, but Fall you see more beauty. It shows that changes are a good thing. It also lets you know that the high points in life may settle down, but it will come back. I guess this is part of my positive mind. I watch the leaves turn, fall from the trees and as the last one falls I think I cannot wait until Summer.  

Time to chill

I like Fall because it is time to cool down, time to cook pie, and trick or treat. This is why I love fall. It always seems like we have to keep going all the time, but we never slow down to enjoy the day. When Fall comes it slows you down, it changes your spirit. So if you are in high speed now and are worried you will never slow down just remember Fall is coming. 

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