A Long Hard Week Needs A Little Relaxation

its fwidayThis week was a long, long week. I must say “Thank God It’s Friday!“. Getting a new job is rough and not be able to schedule your own breaks makes it a little rougher. I have learned more this week, which is good, also got a lecture from my supervisor.

A couple weeks ago I was transferred to another department. I started out testing circuit boards, now I am assembling devices. This is not really that difficult to do, but can be annoying. The visual aids I see to help me assemble sometimes look deceptive. They can also tell you one description on one step and another description on the next step. This is annoying to me because I have already messed up and had to redo my work this week because the procedure was deceptive. It was not like this when I was testing circuit boards. My supervisor then made sure all procedures were up to date and not misleading. I want to go back.

I mentioned about not being able to schedule my own breaks. Well when I first started about eleven months ago I was allowed to take my break when I wanted to, as long as it was a time breaks were scheduled. There is an early break and a late break. I prefer the late break because it seems so long until first break and it seems like I never have enough time after late last break. When it comes to last break either you take break 10 minutes before the hour or on the hour. A whole hour to get my job done is more beneficial to getting more done, at least that is the way I am.

This just has not been the perfect week. I have not slept well, have had headaches, have had problems finding things that were right in front of me, and in pain. I decided to relax after work, made a few drinks, and write this blog. I think after this I am going to play a few games and just enjoy myself. If you have had a rough week do not stress tonight and relax, you deserve it. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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  1. Some well deserved relaxation after hard work is definitely recuperative! Enjoy the weekend, rcarson79! 🙂


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