Stages in Life Do Not Always Go The Best Way.

Life is so difficult. We have challenges in childhood, as an adult, and growing old. We all are so selfish on life, do we show sympathy for others?

A Friend, Like A Father, Is On A Spiral

13 things mentally strong people doI met a friend of mine almost 15 years ago. Today he is in Williamsport Hospital and will be getting his second foot removed. He has had thick blood for a long time. It has caught up to him. When I fist met him he worked at an auto shop. His daughter was only 5 years old. Time flies by but not  always for the better.

When I was doing advertising for Amazon he had his first leg removed. He was really depressed and didn’t know how he would get around. I showed him a wheelchair carrier I sold. He liked it because it would fit good on his van, easy to take his wheelchair up, and is sturdy. This cheered him up a little, but over the last few years he has gotten even more depressed.

A little over a year ago he had to have a foot removed. They severed from below the knee. It had to heal before he could get an artificial leg, he still has not gotten one yet. As of Sunday it was determined that he would have to have the other foot removed as well. I was so sad for him. He had to make a decision to have it removed or not. I had reached my opinion decision, but that does not matter it is all up to him.

Yesterday he made the decision to have the foot removed. Why he decided this I do not know yet. I do think this is a good decision though. His doctor said that he would get him fitted for an artificial leg for the one he had done last year. He will have to undergo therapy for awhile. In the meantime his new leg will be made and he should get it in two weeks. Then in six months to a year he can get one for the foot he had removed yesterday. I hope within the next year or two he get back to the ways he was five years ago. He will be able to mow the lawn, cook on the grill, and probably be able to drive again. He will not feel helpless. I know it will get better.

 Financial Hardships

I think we all, except those born into money, have had a financial hardship. I have had it, my parents have had it, my have had it, and my co-workers have had it. I think if everyone who has had a financial hardship named who they know in the same situation the list would be indefinite. These are hard-times. We need to make plans, budget, and save.

My first financial hardship was when I graduated high school and moved out of town and went to college. I went to ITT Technical Institution for Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD). The class was five days a week and four hours a day. I had two jobs, one in the mourning and one in the evening. Everything was cheaper back then and the pay in Harrisburg, PA was not that bad at that time. The problem I had was coming home every weekend and using a full tank of gas, going out to eat all the time, going to the bar, buying video games, well blowing my money. I never learned about budgeting my money until a few years ago. If we do not budget our money we are not aware where our money goes. We will spend money when we do not have it, up our credit cards, and go into debt. Stay out of debt by simply budgeting your income and expenses. Trust me it needs to be done. If you want to learn how to manage you debt Click Here!

We all have problems in life, we just need to find a solution.

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