Rough Monday, Took Friday Forever To Come

It almost always seems like a week starts off a little rough. We work hard around the house over the weekend, stay up late, and have a lot to do with the family. It can wear you out even more than a week at work. Then there are those weekends you relax all weekend and are feeling pretty good, and then come Sunday afternoon a bug gets you. It wears your body down, makes you feel like a victim, and you know you will not make it to work come Monday morning.

Another Manic Monday


Manic Monday- Bengals

The first day of the week can always be a little “Manic”. Getting back into the swing of the week, getting into the mood, and dealing with the rush. When you wake up sick it is a real bumber, trust me.

I felt it this week and when I get sick my brain does not work. I had things i wanted to do this week, that never got done. Of course still have today to do it. I will get caught up on everything today.

The Week Takes Forever

100608-enjoy-your-sunday I may have had a couple days off because I was sick, it still seemed like the week took a long time. The days went by slow and it seemed like there was not much to do. It did feel good to be back at work around some friends and them showing their concern for me. I have always had a dreamed of a job that you go to work for a couple hours a day and get paid a six figure salary. I know it is a fantasy, but it is always good to dream even if it will never happen, as long as you accept it.

All long weeks can be rough on us. Long weeks takes patience, tolerance, and some wisdom. It is like a ten mile race, you need to change pace every now and then. I push the beginning of the week, slow it down in the middle, and then go into overdrive at the end of the week. It seems to speed the week up a little. I have also picked my pace up day to day during the week. My longest week was 18 days straight. I kinda combined both and it turned 2 1/2 weeks into 1 week. I hope this week goes by good a quick. Enjoy your Sunday.


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