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Teen Driver in Snapchat ‘Speed Filter’ Crash Jailed on Felony Charge —

NEW YORK — The Georgia teen driver accused of causing a high speed car crash because she was allegedly using Snapchat to record her speed has been charged with a felony and is currently incarcerated. The collision caused the driver of another car to suffer brain injuries. Clayton County law enforcement officials issued four warrants…

This is a good reason why one should not be using their cell phone while driving. Also speeding is a big ” No No!”. I have had my speeding tickets in the past and learned not to do it again due to the cost of a speeding ticket. When speeding 15 MPH or more over the speed limit you will lose control, you will not have time to stop, and something like this will happen. Please drive safely or this could be you. Also do not drink and drive. Get a designated driver, taxi, or take a bus. You may save a life, maybe your own.

via Teen Driver in Snapchat ‘Speed Filter’ Crash Jailed on Felony Charge —

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