Do you take the time to be aware?

I understand this. I have felt this way my entire life. I would see or feel that a person needed help I would go do it without question. As I got into adulthood so many rules and restrictions came into play. I have learned the greatest reward is making the other person happy and improving your soul.


Take time to be aware. It’s the opportunity to help others. As a graduate school instructor I am continually amazed when I ask my students how many of them have done training or received instruction on the topics of attention, listening and conversing. The response rate is pretty low which I see as a window of opportunity! Many of us take for granted our ability to fully listen or be fully aware of what is happening around us.

Time after time, many a client have missed key clues or signals as to what’s going on around them and therefore, work with a very limited view of the situation. This limited information becomes the basis for their determination of what the problem is that they are trying to solve. They then launch into problem-solving without ever fully understanding what was going on in the first place. So things only get worse…

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