Let’s Make Life Beautiful

Ray Stevens- Everything is Beautiful

I heard this song when I was a little kid, when cassettes were on the market. I found this song so wonderful because we had a great World. The only problem back then was pier pressure and difference in opinion. They still exist today, but it has gotten worse. Now no one can have a positive outlook on life. Almost everyone has to complain about something everyday. I will admit it I do it. We just need to focus on the positive points in our life. I will give you some examples.

Some examples I will give you is we should be grateful to be alive everyday. So many people die of hunger in the world, there are so many car accidents every year, and people injured or killed by gun violence. According to Fortune, 40, 000 people died in car accidents in 2016. It was an increase of 6% from 2015. Also according to Gun Violence Archive, there was 30, 727 gun related incidents, 7, 601 were gun related deaths in 2016, that is 25% of all gun incidents. We need to be more aware of what goes on around us. We need to think more positive, spread more positive attitude, and bring more positivism. If we could do this then we all could be happy.



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2016 Was the Deadliest Year on American Roads in Nearly a Decade

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