Small vape shops scramble for survival as government, Big Tobacco put up ‘one hurdle after another’ |

I will never understand our government fully. I had been smoking for about 15 years as of 2018. I decided I wanted to quit so my friend suggested vaping. I was worried because of all these stories on the news about the vapors blowing up in people’s face. I did research and found out it was because they were leaving it plugged in too long. I got my first vapor and within three months I had no desire for cigarettes. I even had three left that I threw away. About a week after I quit I felt so much better than I did in years.

I am telling you this for a reason. Do not believe everything you hear on the news or the internet. Do some research. It is all about the dollar in taxes. If they lose sales in tobacco then they lose tax dollars. Read the article I have attached at the bottom. My friend that made me realize that vaping was better than smoking shared this on Facebook so I am sharing it to you. Remember life is short so save a life, yours.

Chris McGrath doesn’t plan to give up his dream of helping people quit cigarettes by vaping. But the Harrison vape shop owner is worried the mounting challenges confronting his industry, particularly its smallest players, that could push his and hundreds of other small shops and manufacturers out of business. …

Source: Small vape shops scramble for survival as government, Big Tobacco put up ‘one hurdle after another’ |

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