Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for Blackface ‘SNL’ Sketch – Variety

Jimmy Fallon apologizes for a blackface role he acted on Saturday Night Live back in 2000. All he did was put black make up on and played Chris Rock. I don’t see how impersonating a person of another color is racist unless you say or do racist acts.

There is a difference between mocking and impersonating a person. When we heard of those kids painting themselves black and doing things to mock black people it was wrong, immoral, heartless. When an actor especially on from an impersonating skit like SNL wants to mimic you it is a compliment. It may go the wrong way at times but shouldn’t be taken as hard as this is.

Like I said he could of done it different or chosen someone else. He didn’t and people need to stop being so touchy by what everyone says. One day we won’t be able to say a single word without someone getting offended.

Source: Varity.com click link below to read original story.


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