Dragon Ball is Considered Bad for our Culture! It’s Being Taken Away!

Personally I haven’t watched a whole lot of Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z growing up. It had to do with school, working and my parents. Although I have had, especially in high school, friends that I always talked to about Dragon Ball.

When I did watch it I really enjoyed it. The video talks about equal rights and discrimination against women. I say Ha! I think it’s anything but that. How many times does she “beat up” the guys!? She yells at them and takes control and becomes the leader even though supposedly she’s not. I think this generation is to shallow and doesn’t understand the true meaning of the show if it’s not spelled out. Pretty soon they are going to say shows like Full House are bad to watch.

Business Ethics

Charlie Sheen (aka Wild Thing) responds after social media call to throw out 1st pitch of World Series — WGN-TV

The Road of Life Is Not Easy

Do Onto Others As You Would Have Them Do Onto You

No, Joe Biden Didn’t Just ban Fracking

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