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How WordPress Changed My Life

Life can be hard or werk can get on the correct road. Some of us do that. Some get the chance, but those who do don’t always take the challenges.

I was reading this blog and it shows me I didn’t do everything I should have done. I have been through some hard times, but give up when I can’t get where I want to. I have learned in the last decade that sometimes we need to adjust, change roads or make a turn. Whatever we do we need to adjust to life as it is and deal with it. Please read the blog blow it will inspire you.

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The True Meaning of Christmas

Watch “Poison – “Nothin’ But A Good Time” (HQ Sound)” on YouTube

What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

The Eagles: Hotel California


President Trump Previously Praised James Comey Over the FBI’s Hillary Clinton Investigation — TIME

Now this is what I call complicated. President Trump gave James Comey praise not too long ago. Now with the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal he has become unreliable and even deceiving. So now President Trump fried him today. I think it is a little ironic too.

President Trump abruptly announced Tuesday evening that he was firing FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation — an investigation Trump repeatedly praised. “I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the…

via President Trump Previously Praised James Comey Over the FBI’s Hillary Clinton Investigation — TIME

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Trump is Right, Experts Say It Would Be Very Stupid to Release His Taxes During an Audit | LawNewz

Woman Arrested For Masturbating With Sausage In Wal-Mart Bathroom!

How Using The Power of Positivity Actually Changes the World Around You – Wellnesscom

Why Should the United States Ban Other Countries?

Republican Healthcare Has Failed, Paul Ryan Tells Us Why

Although Republicans have been vowing to repeal Obamacare since it was signed into law seven years ago, the failure of the American Health Care Act to reach the House floor for a vote Friday was a particular setback to House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was spearheading the legislation and the vote count. The House Speaker…

via Read Paul Ryan’s Response to the Republican Health Care Bill Failure — TIME

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House Republicans unveil bill to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide – ABC News

Top Superfoods For Weightloss

The Eagles: Hotel California

Pulling Back Obama’s Car Fuel Standards Hurts America’s Auto Industry

History has shown that fewer regulations are not always a win for America’s auto industry.

President Trump is on a rough road fixing Obamacare, Affordable  Care Act. He better not mess up the only good thing President Obama has done for our country and the World.

President Barrack Obama administration set the national greenhouse gas standards. This would double the efficiency of the fuel to our vehicles. Instead of getting 18 MPG you will get 36 MPG or more. Why does President Trump want to stop this. This should make us use less gas, that means less oil will be used to make gas. When stock goes up and demand goes down then price will drop, Economics 101. I hope Trump does not stop this. If anything I hope he places more focus on it to help our economy and environment. I support Trump 100% but if he disrupts this I will be very doubtful of him as President.

Source: Pulling Back Obama’s Car Fuel Standards Hurts America’s Auto Industry

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Donald Trump and the Disabled Reporter: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Ethics in the Working Enviroment

Where Do We Go After Death According To The Bible

Donald Trump is Vicious

House Republicans unveil bill to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare

WASHINGTON — House Republicans introduced their bill to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate that also aims to maintain coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and allow children to stay on their parents’ plans until the age of 26. The measure would restructure the country’s Medicaid program so that states receive a set amount of money from the federal government every year and offer individuals refundable tax credits to purchase health insurance, all of which experts have warned could result in millions of people losing access to insurance they received under the Affordable Care Act.


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The Eagles: Hotel California

Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

A Life’s Story: Childhood, Pier Pressure, and Right and Wrong Decisions

God’s Advice That Should Be Followed Throughout All Life: “Be Kind One To Another”

Source: House Republicans unveil bill to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare