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Breaking News: NFL Admits To That It Is All Rigged Going To The Super Bowl!

The NFL Admits the Truth

I cannot believe that they are finally admitting the truth. We have known it for years that it has been rigged like wrestling. All they do it for is more money not for us to make it a better football game. If they would do that I would like to see the underdog win. They also mention what the score would be in the Super Bowl. I wonder how many people bet on the Super Bowl every year. Will the game end up like he says? If it does the the Super Bowl is rigged as well. It kinda eliminated the purpose of watching football. I love the competition, the coming back in the fourth quarter, and the strategy they use for defense. I love it when my team wins, but as long as they play an awesome game winning isn’t always the way it ends up, sometimes the other team is just a little better. Now that is gone knowing for sure that the NFL is rigged.

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Stewart-Haas Racing Filing Lawsuit Against Sponsor of Danica Patrick’s Team

Stewart-Haas Racing says lawsuit ‘will not impact the organization’s on-track efforts.’

Looks like Danica Patrick’s team does not know what a contract is. Wonder how this may effect Danica this year. We will see.

via Stewart-Haas Racing files suit against sponsor of Danica Patrick’s team — NASCAR Talk

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Ric Flair wants Penn State to beat Ohio State — ABC27

Jimmie Johnson earns record-tying seventh 2016 Sprint Cup championship — NASCAR Talk

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God’s Advice That Should Be Followed Throughout All Life: “Be Kind One To Another”

God’s Advice That Should Be Followed Throughout All Life: “Be Kind One To Another”

We all have a complicated life. Some of us have problems with finances, some of us with friends, some of us with the lost of a loved one, and some have problems with peers and parents growing up. I am going to focus on the latter. I am focusing on a problem I have had since I was seven. It has been difficult for me to comprehend because the Bible says,

Ephesians 4: 31,32

Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: 32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

The main point is “Be kind on to another”. When people can never be kind it is hard to put away the bitterness.

Childhood was Difficult and not Happy

I have always believed childhood should be a happy time. A time to learn, to grow up, to experience new things all the time, but now I look back a believe that childhood is a rough hard road that we need to battle. We grow strength from learning from our challenges, unfairness, and the neglect we had as a child. When we grow up we are responsible for ourselves and have full control.

School was not always great

There are reasons I believe this. One of the main ones is because of all the troubles I had in school. I was always harassed in elementary school. My step-father, which I will get to soon, did not believe me, my mother did although. When I was in public school my sister saw kids pushing me around, calling me names, and even trying to pick a fight.

When I was in the second grade I begged my mother to take me out of public school. She did and put me into a Christian school. I made a few friends there, which are still friends today, but there were more jerks then nice people. I still got picked on, but the teachers and the principal did something about it. I even got into a couple fights my four years there. One was when we were on our ski trip. When the principal found out he pulled the guy off the slopes and sat him in the ski resort. The principal also suspended him. My friend left that school and went to a different Christian school so I went with them.

School gets better

This is the school I graduated from and the church I go to today. Here I had more friends, but had some religious differences. There were a few people I wish were never there, but we cannot have a day go the way we want it to all the time. Some things happen for a reason, because God has a purpose for it. One thing I have learned from what I put up with through school is always be kind to people around you. You may never know if a person is having a good day or bad day, lost a loved one or expecting a newborn, or has a lot of stress on their mind or is the happiest person on earth. Keep your mind open because you may be there to save a person or they are there to save you.

Father issues since I was a child

Now earlier I mentioned about my step-father not believing me on the problems I had in school. Well it did not stop there. I do not always believe a person at first, but when it gets consistent then I get curious if it is true or not. That has never been my step-dad.

When I wanted to go out to eat on Sunday after church I knew I had to  bother my mother. If I even mentioned it to my step-father he would not take us out. Then I wondered if he did not take us because we asked to go. I thought he did not like us asking to go out to eat. Now I believe it was because it was not his idea. Looking back in life with my step-father he was and is a self-centered, egotistical, selfish, jerk. My whole life I have never liked people like this. The last decade it has been a lot worse. As of New Year’s Day I have had enough! I have cut him off as my step-father, I am no longer talking to him, nor offering any help. It is over 30 years of he is always right and everyone else is always wrong. What happened that Sunday is not really significant. I will say he was saying I was wrong and I had non-argumentative proof that I was right. When a person cannot admit they are wrong sincerely they are guilty of pride and arrogance.

Proverbs 8:13


“The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.”

You may wonder why I would cut him out of my life. Well it is not as simple as going out to eat after church. He has always been negative. I have been ambitious since I was in high school. Words affect you especially if you hear them your entire life. When all you hear are negative word from a person they make you think negative. Although I have always had a drive to be someone better than him, better than me. I always want to improve myself one way or another. So it has always been like an ongoing fight that no one ever wins. It is no longer worth being near such a negative person that it holds my life, my mind back so much I cannot believe in myself. Now I am focusing entirely on myself. It may sound selfish, but I have given so much of my life away it is time to live. It may not stay constant. Once I am living maybe things will settle, but until then it is time to start my life.

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Ric Flair wants Penn State to beat Ohio State — ABC27

Where Do We Go After Death According To The Bible

(“EPHESIANS 4:31 KJV “Let All Bitterness, And Wrath, And Anger, And Clamour, And Evil Speaking, Be Put Away From You, With All Malice:””)

(“PROVERBS 8:13 KJV “The Fear Of The LORD [Is] To Hate Evil: Pride, And Arrogancy, And The Evil Way, And The Froward Mouth, Do I Hate.””)

Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comes Spring 2017

Did you watch the original in the 90’s as a child? I did. Did you follow the MMPR as they evolved to Thunder Rangers, Ninja Rangers, Zeo Rangers, Turbo Rangers, and more? Oh I did! I still go back and watch some of the original MMPR to this day. Now it is coming back from the beginning! I cannot wait till this comes out in March 2017. I will be there the day it is released, will you?

 Mighty Morphin Theme Song- Full Version

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Complaining About A Problem Without Proposing A Solution Is Called Whining

When I was a child I would complain over the smallest thing. I complained about food I didn’t want on the table, not being able to go outside because of rain, and my sister’s annoying pets. As an adult I realize that life is short and it is better to be happy than it is to complain all the time. But is there a way to complain without being negative? Well here is some advice I have learned in the last 20 years.

Why Should I Not Be Able To Complain About What I Do Not Like

152664fcc69f77434db1f2208ef37594I know there are many reasons why people complain everyday. I do it too. We all get frustrated from work, life, and family and then we let it bottle up inside then eventually we have to burst. I have been guilty of this for years and I am trying to change.I learned about four years ago that negative “vibe” can cause neurological damage. Here are just a few reasons why we all need to be nice to each other.

Programing Your Brain

You may not think so but we are like a computer. Just think a moment your parents and their parents had fun playing outside with sticks and rocks, right. We had fun with video games, computers, cell phones, technology. The first video game you picked up does not matter if it was Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox you were being programed that this was the way to please your brain.

You synapses fires each time you have a thought. It registers throughout your brain. The more you do it the easier it becomes for your brain to process it. A little like upgrading. Pretty soon your your synapses gets so close it becomes a habit to you. What can this do to you?

This can be good and bad. Let’s go back to the video game. They make you happy, but you develop a habit not to play them constantly everyday. You play for an hour and spend the rest of your day with family, doing chores, paying bills, and even dishes. Well your brain will develop this as a good thing and it will be for making you happy and being productive.

What Goes Around Comes Around

439a68a1f4503866d779a43343257336My life has changed so many times it has been confusing, on top of that my changes in emotions. I use to be a manager at a fast food restaurant. There were good days and bad days. One day I made a connection that when I was around my Assistant Manager I was in a bad mood. The reason being she was always negative and I was positive. When I realized this I started looking for another job.

The point is when one is negative it causes bad moodiness, negative thoughts, and depression among people that they are around. If you are a positive thinker and hang around negative thinkers do not do it. You will not help them they will hurt you.

Stress The Big Hardship On Your Body

Stress is not good for your mind nor your body. I have had a lot of stress in my life and even been through mental therapy a few times. One thing I have learned is that stress cause physical problems like obesity, increase risk of heart disease,  high blood pressure, lower the function of your immune system, and a whole lot more. When I learned this I decided to focus on positive things in my life and eliminate negative things. Not all problems have been solved yet, but I am in progress and that is the positive side.

Problem + Idea = Solution

poster-whine-complainIf you made an assumption I like mathematics you are right. Everyday we have problems, but who adds an idea to the problem? If there is no idea then there is no solution. It is that simple. Why start an argument because you do not like something a family member, friend, or roommate did? Offer an idea. This also places you in a positive position because you are being giving and compromising. Now do not be giving alternatives. I will give you an example. You and your roommate are going to a movie. You both are determined to see the movie you want, but only one has the money. Instead of getting into an argument about what movie you are going to see because you are the one paying setup a solution. The problem difference in movies and pay week, the idea compromise, and the solution arrange an agreement that when a roommate gets paid they decide the movie to watch and pay for the tickets. No arguing allowed if you do not like the movie just do not go.

You may not think that this is a good solution, but when it comes to mathematics there can be many variables. Things can change so we need to let the friend know ahead of time. Also you hear at the last moment do not get mad assume that they found out at the last moment too. Getting mad over something that happens in someone else’s life because you cannot go to the movies is selfish. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.


Luke 6:27-36

27“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

32“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.



Neurological. (n.d.) In Retrived from 

J Stillman. (February 29th, 2016) Complaining is terrible for you, according to science. Retrived from 

Luke said, “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,” (New International Version,  Luke 6:27-36


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