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Breaking News: NFL Admits To That It Is All Rigged Going To The Super Bowl!

The NFL Admits the Truth

I cannot believe that they are finally admitting the truth. We have known it for years that it has been rigged like wrestling. All they do it for is more money not for us to make it a better football game. If they would do that I would like to see the underdog win. They also mention what the score would be in the Super Bowl. I wonder how many people bet on the Super Bowl every year. Will the game end up like he says? If it does the the Super Bowl is rigged as well. It kinda eliminated the purpose of watching football. I love the competition, the coming back in the fourth quarter, and the strategy they use for defense. I love it when my team wins, but as long as they play an awesome game winning isn’t always the way it ends up, sometimes the other team is just a little better. Now that is gone knowing for sure that the NFL is rigged.

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NFL Pullover For Fall

Now football has begun it is time to support your team. It is getting cool out now and a pullover would be great to keep warm. We have pullovers for every team in the NFL. Who is your favorite team? Is it the New England Patriots? Maybe the New York Giants? or… Your team could be the Pittsburgh Steelers? Either way it does not matter which team you cheer for every Sunday, because we have a pullover for every team.

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Ryan Carson

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