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Setting Goals For Your Future

It does not matter if you have small or big goals we should always think before we act.

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The near and far future are time for which to set goals. We all have new goals almost everyday, even if we realize it or not. One goal I always think about is going shopping for the week. Some of us have a spending limit, cut coupons, want to eat healthy, have friends and family over, or even make a new meal. No matter what you want to do it is a goal you have set and you should feel good when…

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6 things not to say to someone with depression — and 7 things we should say and do.

6 things not to say to someone with depression — and 7 things we should say and do.

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Because depression isn’t just a “mood.” Have you ever felt down on yourself? Everything is your fault and nothing will ever go right again? Well you may be suffering from depression. It may not be you it could be a friend, spouse, sibling, or a parent. If you ever notice someone like this follow these tips of what not to say and what to say when someone is depressed. Source: 6 things not to say…

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How Parents Should Treat Their Adult Children

How #Parents Should Treat Their #Children #family #life #adulthood

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We all grow up one day, it is inevitable. When we grow up our parents need to let us go. We make our mistakes on the way and learn from the mistakes as well. We do return to our parents for advice, family time, holidays, and returning the care they gave us. The main point is parents need to let their children go, but when should they? Child leaving the nest Legally a child is an adult when they…

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Life Will Get Better…

Life Will Get Better…

An optimist  always thinks something good can come from any situation in life. In short they believe, “Life will get better.”. Well the truth is no one knows what will happen in the future. Even a rich person like Donald Trump can hit bottom one day and never expect it. We All Want to Feel Important Through our Life Some of us always like to help others, some like to share our opinions, and some…

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The Perfect Holiday Dinner To Me

The Perfect Holiday Dinner To Me


I have been through good holiday dinners and bad ones. My problem is I believe that holiday dinners should be the “perfect” dinners of the year. So if that means putting one’s pride and arrogance aside then so be it. The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner I have always loved Thanksgiving since I was a child. It means plenty of great food, football, and NASCAR. When I grew up and was interested in buying…

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