Changes at Greater Nanticoke Area after Student’s Seizure

NANTICOKE, Pa. — Greater Nanticoke Area school administrators made changes after a 12-year-old student athlete suffered a frightening seizure. The seizure happened on a school bus after a softball game. A Newswatch 16 investigation last month found the girl suffered a grand mal seizure. She also had a concussion and was left unattended for more than six minutes.

This should have never happened! The issue isn’t the substitute coach’s knowledge of seizures it is he sat after seeing it happening the first time. I have had seizures since I was 10 months old. I had one on the school bus on the way home one day when I was in high school. The students on the bus noticed me and told the bus driver. She pulled over and called for an ambulance. I was not friends with these students, but they did the right thing. He should have told the bus driver to pull over and call 911. He should be charged with negligence. When a child is supervised by their coach they are responsible for their safety and he did not fulfill his responsibilities. I don’t think this should fall on the school district, but they should also fire him. Sorry but I take this very personnel.


Source: Changes at Greater Nanticoke Area after Student’s Seizure

Bohman, D. (2018). Newswatch 16 Investigates: What Happened on Bus 24?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Nov. 2018].

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I really do not get this. Why do people go walking, speeding, and running to get a virtual Pokemon? This is dangerous and the app should be taken off iPhone and Android. Why can’t one just play the game on their Smartphone without searching around town. Just wait someone is going to fall of a cliff or a bridge, get killed by a drug lord, or bit by a poisonous snake. Sorry if I seem negative but we have to pay attention where we are going and what we are doing or someone will get injured. That is a fact!

Source: Residents Concerned About ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Speeding Through Neighborhood

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