America’s Oldest World War II Veteran Has Died in Texas at Age 112 — TIME

(AUSTIN, Texas) — A family member says the nation’s oldest World War II veteran who was also believed to be oldest living man in the U.S. has died in Texas. Richard Overton was 112. Shirley Overton, whose husband was Richard’s cousin, says the Army veteran died Thursday evening at a rehab facility in Austin. Overton…

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WOW! US Marine And Navy Veteran Writes BLISTERING Open Letter To Khizr Khan: “Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has ‘sacrificed’? Has Ms. Clinton ‘sacrificed’ for this nation? How about Mr. Obama?” »

A Memorial to Veterans

God’s Advice That Should Be Followed Throughout All Life: “Be Kind One To Another”

Three Arrested in Beating of NASCAR Veteran Mike Wallace, Daughter After Concert

Super Blue Blood Moon Occurs Next Week!

For the first time in 35 years, a blue moon will occur during a total lunar eclipse on Jan. 31, an event some have taken to calling a “super blue blood moon.” If that sounds like a lot — it is. The alignment of the full moon will make it look like a “supermoon” due…

via Here’s How to Watch the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse’ Next Week — TIME

I had no idea this was happening. I was just browsing around WordPress and found this so I had to share it. I would love to see this. To bad I am in Eastern Time and working overtime right now. I hope I can sneak out to see it before it goes away. If you get pictures please comment below and share them or go to my Facebook page and post them. Also while you are there you may like my page.

FaceBook- Life Can Be Complicated

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Breaking News: NFL Admits To That It Is All Rigged Going To The Super Bowl!

God Acts On Our Behalf by Dr. Charles Stanley

Watch “Poison – “Nothin’ But A Good Time” (HQ Sound)” on YouTube

What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

President Trump Previously Praised James Comey Over the FBI’s Hillary Clinton Investigation — TIME

Now this is what I call complicated. President Trump gave James Comey praise not too long ago. Now with the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal he has become unreliable and even deceiving. So now President Trump fried him today. I think it is a little ironic too.

President Trump abruptly announced Tuesday evening that he was firing FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation — an investigation Trump repeatedly praised. “I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the…

via President Trump Previously Praised James Comey Over the FBI’s Hillary Clinton Investigation — TIME

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Trump is Right, Experts Say It Would Be Very Stupid to Release His Taxes During an Audit | LawNewz

Woman Arrested For Masturbating With Sausage In Wal-Mart Bathroom!

How Using The Power of Positivity Actually Changes the World Around You – Wellnesscom

Why Should the United States Ban Other Countries?

What is Project Life by Beck Higgins?

Project Life by Becky Higgins

Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was

created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind. The design of our products takes the guess work out of layout design so that you can focus on recording your everyday moments through your photos and journaling. The simple design is stylish and makes it possible for you to complete more pages in less time.

There are great products by Becky Higgins sold by Amazon. We have Albums & Dividers and Core Kits & Cards up to Photo Pocket Pages. These are great for Christmas to design nice gift packages, stockings, decorations, and more. 

Now you can make your Holidays more personal with your friends and family. Not too late to order get it now before it is.

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Holiday Toy Guide: Active Play Time

Holiday Toy Guide: Active Play Time

Your kids enjoy playing outside? Maybe they sit in front  of the TV too often? Whatever is the case we have deals for you to let your kids be more active. This is’s Active Playtime.

Active Playtime: Toys for Fitness and Fun

Active Playtime 2014

Active Playtime

With a little help from our active playtime toys, kids will be up and moving.

I like buying active toys for my nieces and nephews. It’s great to…

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