Aunty Acid Mugs

Aunty Acid Mugs

 If you are like the average person Aunty Acid has done great expressing on how we feel. We all need humor in our lives and coffee

Tree-Free Greetings lm43907 Hilarious Aunty Acid Straight to Hell by The Backland Studio Ceramic Mug, 15-Ounce

why not get a mug from Auty Acid to express yourself . This is on of my favorites. Even though there are great times at work, I would give it…

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5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer #OneDirection

5 Seconds of Summer

On December 3rd 2011, 5 Seconds of Summer played their first gig, at The Annandale Hotel in their native Sydney, Australia. It was their first time together playing as a four-piece. They had to recruit a drummer for the occasion. They had a bass player with no bass guitar, “so I played on an acoustic,” says Calum. “Michaelsent me a very detailed Facebook message asking me…

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WORX Jaw Saw

WORX #JawSaw trim the #limbs and #cut your time.

This time of year trees and bushes need trimmed. They keep growing and get in our gutters, block the sunlight from the window, and just do not look great. Chain saws and trimmers help out, but are heavy and can be awkward. Here is the way to make it easier for you.

WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw, 20-volt

List Price: $209.99 Price: $159.00 & eligible for FREE Shipping


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What Chefs Feed Their Kids: Recipes and Techniques for Cultivating a Love of Good Food [Kindle Edition]

Need the Correct Recipe for your Kids

Kids can be difficult at times. They want one thing one…

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Beautiful Days

Snow Cat (Photo credit: clickclique)

Well I have been a little bummed out over the last few days.…

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