Mom Charged With Duct Taping Son to Chair and Going to Pool

Susan Malysa

A mom can be so cruel! Why would she do this? I know of a few kids I have watched in the past that I thought duct tapping was an option, but that was a feeling. Kids can be so rambunctious.


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What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Parents Children Need To Learn From The Lesson Of Life

Life Can Be Complicated, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

How Using The Power of Positivity Actually Changes the World Around You – Wellnesscom



Slideshow: Fall Snow —

Thanks to the lake-effect snow, we’ve had our first snowfall for this season and many viewers are taking advantage of it. Stay up to date with the latest weather conditions with Stormtracker 16 forecast.

via Slideshow: Fall Snow —

Snow is so beautiful. I wish I could get pictures like this. Although sharing WNEP pictures from others are almost just as good. Click their link and take a look at some nice pictures.

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Pocono Raceway Announces Change in Ticket Policy Regarding Rain —

Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

A Song That Touches Your Souls

A Life’s Story: Childhood, Pier Pressure, and Right and Wrong Decisions

Marisa Burke, Proud to Serve |

We say goodbye and happy retirement to longtime Newswatch 16 anchor, reporter, and producer Marisa Burke.  Marisa has been part of the WNEP family for a generation, long enough to have made a batch of memories for all of us.

Source: Marisa Burke, Proud to Serve |

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled

New Affordable Housing for Seniors in Williamsport

Medical Marijuana Bill Signed into Law in Pennsylvania, What’s Next?

Crying, Barefoot Toddler Found in 96-Degree Heat while Parents played Pokemon Go

Residents Concerned About ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Speeding Through Neighborhood

Pokemon Go or No go

STROUD TOWNSHIP — The new smartphone game “Pokemon Go” is taking the world by storm.

I really do not get this. Why do people go walking, speeding, and running to get a virtual Pokemon? This is dangerous and the app should be taken off iPhone and Android. Why can’t one just play the game on their Smartphone without searching around town. Just wait someone is going to fall of a cliff or a bridge, get killed by a drug lord, or bit by a poisonous snake. Sorry if I seem negative but we have to pay attention where we are going and what we are doing or someone will get injured. That is a fact!

Source: Residents Concerned About ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Speeding Through Neighborhood

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We Need To Move On


Thomas Edison: Motivator, Inspiration, and Creator

Jim Carrey Explains Why He’s Moving to State College, Pennsylvania – Daily News 3

12 girls found in Pennsylvania man’s home; one child ‘gifted’ to suspect

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. — A 51-year-old Pennsylvania man faces multiple charges after authorities found 12 girls inside his home in Bucks County Thursday, according to WPMT. Police say the girls were fou…

Source: 12 girls found in Pennsylvania man’s home; one child ‘gifted’ to suspect